Friday, November 20, 2009

Hit Script Modification

Eventually, I would like to tweak several of the creature's action scripts to make them more interesting and make the game a little more challenging, and this notion came to me the other day while I was trying to nap.

So this is a modified version of the hit script, codenamed "Critical Hit." Essentially what it does is allow especially angry creatures to have a chance of hitting a creature extra hard, sending it flying across the room and injuring it quite badly. Short demo video below, just be forewarned it contains a lot of nornish death:

(Yes, that orange chichi at the end is immortal, that's the only reason it doesn't die, heh!)

As you might notice I make a lot of use of my homemade shortcuts, in particular the one that makes all creatures hit each other and the one to create random creatures. I still have quite a bit of tweaking to do to the script-- I would like to make the amount of injury it inflicts dependent on the relative age of the creatures, IE an adult hitting a baby would do more damage than an adult hitting an adult, or a baby hitting a baby. I'd also like the amount the creature is knocked backwards to depend on this too. I think I would also like to lower the chance of it happening a little more-- I don't feel that critical hits should be extremely common.

Still a work in progress like many things... I'd appreciate any thoughts you guys might have though!


  1. This is actually a very interesting idea. I find your ability to just edit the game at whim really interesting and neat.

    Poor creatures, but something like this makes sence, you know? I mean, when people are madder, they tend to hit harder.

    Poor things go flying though... XD

  2. Wow this is nice.. looks like it would be perfect for when I'm feeling evil enough to open a fight-club world! :)
    Looking good so far

  3. Love that music! Maybe if a creature if angry and can critical hit that music will play!

  4. Looks really interesting, certainly something I'd download. Might make my wolfling runs more interesting. I think that it should be dependant on factors other than age though, maybe the relative injury levels and general health of a creature, or testosterone levels.

  5. Whats the music called?

  6. I really like this idea too, do you think you will ever finish it? I would download it in a heartbeat if it ever gets finished.