Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Layout/Life in Girls Night

I got a bit tired of the default blog template, so I tweaked it a little. The metaroom shown above is Children of Capillata: Daedalus (images by Silvak and coding by Zzzzoot, downloadable here). It's quickly becoming one of my favorites.

I plan on eventually re-tagging everything on this blog to make it a little more organized, so people can use the tags like a menu bar/contents listing, so if things look a little funny, that's why.

I don't have a lot of time to play around in my pet worlds lately, but today I exported all my girls from my all-female world, Girls Night, wiped and remade it. This time they're exploring the Children of Capillata rooms.

There have been a few timely deaths-- nearly three of my older norns passed on around the same time. But more were born via insemination and I even broke away from my CFE-only mode to hatch a new butterfly norn named Wyng. She later had a child (the one in the banner above) who sadly and mysteriously died when I wasn't looking. Leffa, the bruin-headed norn in the banner, is due to norn heaven herself-- in about four minutes if she lives an average lifespan. She has had the joy of mothering two children and "fathering" a third. I suppose soon I will give Wyng another chance at motherhood. She's been pushing the door for five minutes now though-- I may have to chase her around with the inseminator.

I have been having problems with Kiara, another one of my bruin-headed norns. She seems to have developed a mean-streak and has been beating the snot out of Kimmy, the newest baby. In fact, it's a little concerning how much time she spends just looking at other norns. I wonder if it's something genetic.

Oh dear... Kimmy is insisting on eating the door. I really don't ever plan on having human children.

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  1. Ahaha, I've definitely had some strange things said by some of my norns. "Eat hand" always worries me the most... Really, after all I do for them? :P