Sunday, March 8, 2009

They say cats are intelligent

So I've started another wolfling run with purely siamese norns. They have always been one of my favorite breeds, and I wanted to see what I could make of them.

I did something a bit unusual with them this time around though-- I extended the IQ test. All eggs are still teleported to the the bottom of the workshop, but all the vendors in the norn meso have been kill hots'd and the majority of the run instead takes place in the Norngarden metaroom. This adds an extra step that the young ones have to go through to get into their little nornish paradise.

At generation 54 the success rate is quite high, however, and I'm beginning to think I need to make this run a little tougher on them. I have rediscovered one of my favorite wolfling agents and have been using it to automatically export norns over 1:30 of age, but even having been given such a short lifespan, the population is constantly at its max and the creatures are becoming quite crowded in that little garden.

I think I may set up Wolfling Monitor to take fear into account when exporting, since a lot of the norns seem to be abnomally fearful upon hatching...

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  1. Are you using Tracy's wolfling monitor or a different one? I have the Auto Exporter for old/senile norns and Tracy's, but I'm not exactly sure how to work Tracy's. I have the chemical stuff figured out, but don't know what the Stats and Export button do. When I click them they either turn yellow or red, but I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. :[