Saturday, February 21, 2009

Intro Thing

So I just figured it might be a lot more fun to keep track of all the weird stuff I do in my Creatures Docking Station worlds in a nice little blog thingy rather than in little notepad files on my desktop. That's all. I don't expect you'll find anything of terrible interest here, but if you want to talk norns or other virtual life, feel free to drop me a note.

That said, I'll start by establishing what I already have.

The DS world I spend most of my time in right now is called Girls Night. It is a nurturing world-- that is, it is a world in which I hand raise the norns; they are my pets. Each norn gets plenty of attention and nurturing.

The odd thing about this world is that it is all-female. My previous attempts to start nurturing worlds always got out of hand because my norns would breed so much there was no way I could hand raise them all and spend enough time with them to learn their little quirks and such. An all-female world was my solution to this.

I still breed them via the inseminator agent, so the population grows at a rate that I control. It's also nice to be able to hand pick the parents of the newest egg.

Anyway... The girls are currently romping around the C12DS metaroom quite merrily. Unfortunatly, the last first-generation norn, Gaia, a treehugger, died of old age, and a third generation norn who kept her company, died soon afterward after eating a poisonous weed. I honestly did not know fevers could be so deadly.

In the meantime I started a wolfling run today, randomly named, "wolfpotato." It started with a pair of zebra, bondi, and chichi norns, but two and a half hours later, the population had exploded to over 50. I unlocked the door to the banshee grendel room, hoping this would add a little threat to the run and cull the weak, but they don't seem to be doing any damage. If the population growth doesn't level out soon I plan on dropping them all in the bottom of the Workshop for a pop quiz on survival before the run continues.

Ideally, I plan on slowly making this run more and more difficult for the norns involved. If all goes well, I will end up with a handful of pretty hardy creatures.

Right now the highest generation is five, and the offspring of the zebra and chichi norns seem to be dominating the run. There's even a mutant running around already with C1 grendel arms.

Guess we'll see how this ends up!

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